According to 2009 China brand statistic event, our manufacture¡± YEAMIC¡±brand is being chosen as China famous brand name.  This achievement reward is given by China brand name organization and China brand statistic research center, effective for 2 years.  For details,please visit the web: http://www.chinacpgc.org, the certificate code is CPGC-ZM00926.


China brand product committee is a internationalism,speciality,public welfare and educated organization.The core direction is Dengxiaoping¡¯s Socialist Theory in Chinese style and important thinking of Three Represents introduction, by following China People Republic's law, policies and regulations to enforce "product quality", "quality improvement guide line" ,and other China's popular brand's market strategy.decision, to achieve " brand research, brand development, brand direction. brand service, brand marketing, brand protection" tasks, respect product knowledgers, protect production owners, retailers and consumers rights, motivate China brand development business, to do helpful contribution for the well-off society.


China brand product is built by famous professor and the entrepreneur in Domestic and Foreign. There are 138 executive directors and committee ,1 chairman, 3 vice-chairmen, 1 secretary-general,3 vice-secretaries and 2 secretary assistant.  Secrectary part is in charge of the life work in committe


Meantime,Organize the special doctors to study the brand theory in home and abroad; Explore the develop stratagem idea,Lead the enterprise to setup Brand,Summarized the representative experience.Provide the full-orientation service.


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