In 2009, The new products have been improved on the receiver and wireless mic,including

the outlook and inner design. We introduced the new mould for the outlook and have our own

brand which is the unique. For all the new products ,we have applied the patent for outlook to

enhance the Intellectual Property Protection. In the inner design we have added so many new

features,Hereby, the receiver for the new products in 2009 is only connected with the wireless

mic in 2009.


8227 Receiver: it is the new receiver with tone mute, Used together with handset T19,T13A or Belt-set T10A. The function for tone mute is to reinforce the anti-interference ability, the external interference signal will not connect with the receiver without tone signal. So this new design is substitued for the orignal one used in classroom.


8228 Receiver: Serve as KTV, features as follows:

A. ID validation, which is the leading position and higher technology in electronical field. When face-to-face frequency, the receiver will send out the data code to mic; If receiving the signal, the reciever will identify and vadilate, only consistent to turn on the receiver. And if without data vadilation,any interference signal will not connect with the receiver.


B.Adjustable the squelch, used togther with handset T20,T30 and belt-set T50 which have the low/high power to adjust. The operation distance is 5-50m


C.Auto scan free channel, which can select the usable channel among many sets in the different situation, anti-interference and decrease the work when installed


D.IR synchronization. After scaning the channel automatically, we will avoid the trouble to adjust the mic channel , Meantime,There are only switch key on Mic, which can operate simply


E. Two frequency band A and B, 138 channels for each, which can satisfied with more than 100 rooms, and no need to differ. If mic is broken and missing, we can use the store A or B, It is shorten the maintenance period


F.Anti-crash protection for T20,T30,T31, cap is anti-crash metal mesh one, In order to protect the mic, we locked it by screw, the customer can¡¯t open . There are color hexagon anti-slide rubber ring in the cap, and soft color rubber ring in the trail of mic. We use the import SMD in the inner circuit board,other accessory also are tested strictly to insure the anti-crash level


G. With new mic core, which is the special design in picking up the sound, singing easy and keep clearly


Above features, This item is the trump one for KTV, it will be Hot in the market!


8123 Receiver:Dual tune true diversity, it is the same fuction as the 8228 recevier, and still have the advantage for far distance ,high sensitivityy, the operation distance is 30-300m, and can used together with 24 mics in the meantime.


8243 Receiver: special item for stage show, very stability, far distance,no signal interference, it can be used together with 12 receivers(24 mics) ,Which is the good replacement for importing first-class one


8441 Receiver: it is the replacement for 8440, we added the LCD screen and tone mute in the inner, This item has been improved the product-tier and enhanced the anti-interference ability. Which can be installed by 5pcs together. Generally speaking, we used together with the mic T40 with the LCD screen ,or T13A,T10A

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